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Forest Ministry, wildlife and National Parks
Orman Bakanligi Milli Parklar Ve Av-Yaban Hayati Gn. Md.
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Ala Mountains : Located in the Nigde region, near Kayseri. Yahyali is about 30 km. from this area. Demirkazik summit is 3756 meters and is the highest point in the Middle Taurus mountain range. Geomolphology includes greenhouses and very rich sources of flora and fauna.

Altindere (Altindere Valley) : This park is situated in the province of Trabzon. This is the best known park in the Black Sea area; known its natural beauty and for the famous Sumela Monastery. Facilieties include picnicking areas, cafes and a post office.

Altinbesik Cave :Situated about 12 km southeast of Aydinkent (Ibradi) and 55 km north of Manavgat Lakes and Ưnteresting rock infornations within the cave area as well as travertines and streams make this area especially fascinating. The authentic village of Urunlu is only 5 km. west of the Manavgat Valley.It's a one hour walk from Urunlu Village to Altinbesik Cave. Inside the cave are a variety of natural pools. The air inside the cave is quite humid with a temperature of 16-18C. Valuable sources of geological and geomorphological samples exist here.

Baskomutan : This park was established as a monument on behalf of war veterans who lost their lives in the independence War. The rich green park is located on the border of the Afyon province. Among the attractions in the park are the Open-Air Museum and Memorial and several cafes with music and entertainment.There is also a picnic area.

Beydaglari - Olympos (Bey Mountains) : This park is west of Antalya near the antique sites of Phaselis and Olympos. Facelities include holiday villages, motels,restaurants, camping, picnicking, a museem and post office.

Beysehir Golu (Lake Beysehir) :60 km from Beysehir, there are wonderful geomorpholog al, structures beautiful birds; Hittite, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman remains. Camping and picnics are possible.

Dilek Yarimadasi (Dilek Peninsula) :In the province of Aydin, where Mt. Samsundagi plunges into the sea is a park of river valleys, flora, fauna, beaches and cliffs. Hiking, picnicking and water sports are possible. Wild horses, bobcats foxes and tortoises live in the park.

Bogazkale - Alacahoyuk : About 181km. from Ankara, in Corum Province, this park with rich flora and fauna, also has camping, picnic sites and even a restaurant. A museum housing archaeological artifacts of the ancient capital of the Hittites and the historical site of Aiacahoyuk can be found in this park.

Gelibolu Yarimadasi (History Park-Gelibolu Peninsula) : Situated near Canakkale, the whole peninsula has been deticatet to the memory of the many soldiers who lost their lives here. There are two entrances, Kilitbahir and Kabatepe that provide information on how to tour the area, and where the British, French, Australian, New Zealand and Turkish war memorials can be found. There are beaches, hotels,restaurants and attractive flora and fauna.

Goreme : Situatet in the province of Nevsehir. Goreme is a very interesting place because of its rock cone and fairy chimney landscape. The chapels date from the Seljuk and Byzantine periods and the underground cities and churches are located in this area. Among the attractions in the park are the open-air museums, holiday villages,campsites, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Gulluk Dagi Termessos (Mt. Gulluk) : This park is near Antalya toward Korkuteli with wild scenery, flora and fauna, camping, restaurants, picnicking areas and an open air museum.

Hatilla Valley : Located on the Eastern Black Sea, 10 km. northwest of Artvin on the Coruh river. Also, 25 km. from here is a very beautiful valley, sloping to 90% in some places.Rare types of plants,geology, geomorphology and rich sources of the most valuable flora and fauna are found in this region.

Honaz Dagi (Mt. Honaz) : Located in the Aegean region near Denizli. This is one of the most beautiful and higehest points in the Aegean region at an altitude of 2528 m. Geology, Geomorphology, archaeology and rare types of flora and fauna can be found here. This area is famous because early Christians settled on the northern slope; the name of this ancient site is Colossae and remains of this settlement can still be seen.

Ilgaz Dagi (Mt. Ilgaz) : South of Kastamonu (45 km) is a park in a beautiful landscape, with attractive flora and fauna, also providing picnic facilities.

Kackar Mountains : Located on the eastern Black Sea region, near Rize. There is a pine grove 16km. from here; the highest point is 3932 m, Boasting a very rich geology with a wide variety of valuable flora and fauna from the mediteranean region and the Black Sea area.

Karagol-Sahara : Located near the Artvin city limits near Savsat in the northeastern area. Karagol is covered with beautiful forest with the most rare and magnificent views. Sahara National Park can be found here with its wonderful alpine lakes and the Sahara Plateau which is 1700-1800cm high. Wildlife is plentiful including bears. Karagol has recreational and picnic facilities.

Karatepe Aslantas : This park is situated in the Ceyhan River Valley in Adana province. There are Hittite and Roman remains, hills, valleys, flora, as well as camping and picnicking possibilities.

Kaz Dagi (Mt. Ida) : Mt. Kaz National Park, situated near Edremit Bay, is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey. Mt. Kaz is 1774 meters and the park features lovely springs and beautiful trees. Throughout history, Ida was known as a holy mountain. This mountain also has mythological significance, according to mythology. the first beauty contest was held on this mountain. Tne Trojan king's son Paris, who was renownet for the importance he gave to beauty, was the head of the jury, so in the contest,that was helt between Aphrodite, Hera and Athena, Aphrodite was chosen first. Every year to mark this occasion, a beauty contest is helt in Mt.Kaz National Park.


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