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Winter Sports

Winter sport resorts in Turkey are generally located in forested mountains of average height. For detailed information, contact :

Youth and Sport General Directorate
(Genclik ve Spor Genel Mudurlugu. Kayak Federasyonu Baskanligi)
(Kayak Federation Management)
Ulus ishani 4.Kat Ulus - Ankara.
Phone : (312) 311 0764 - 310 3960/306 - 307 - 308 Fax: (312) 311 07 64.

Bursa - Uludag : This ski center, 36 km south of Bursa is accessible along a good asphalt road or by cablecar. The ski area lies between 1900 - 2500 m, and the best season is from December to February. A wide range of acomodation is available in hotels,family chalets and apres-ski facilities. At the resort, there are chairlifts, 11 ski-lifts, slalom and giant slalom courses, beginners slopes and a small hospital. Skis, equipment, and instructors are available for hire. Total bed capacity is 2,300.

Kastamonu-Ilgaz Mountain : Situated between Kastamonu and Cankiri, 40 km from Kastamonu at the junction of the Istanbul - Kastamonu, Ankara - Kastamonu roads. In the Ilgaz National Park amidst beautiful woodlands, the slopes lie at 1850-2000 m. There are picnic facilities, an hotel, chalets, two ski-lifts, a baby lift and a chair lift;there is also good hunting in the area.

Bolu - Kartalkaya : This resort situated on the Istanbul - Ankara highway, 50 km from Bolu is surrounded by pine forests,the ski area lies between 1850 and 2200 m. Kartal Hotels 1 and 2 with a total 958- bed capacity, have a indoor heated swimming pool, ski lift, beginners slopes, and equipment for hire. Ski instructors are available.

Antalya-Saklikent : Situated northeast of Bakirli mountain in the Beydag mountain range, 50 km nort-west of Antalya, at a heigth of 1850 m. Acommodation is available in guest- houses or chalets. There are two ski-lifts, restaurants, shops and a market. The best season is from January to April. During March and April, ski in the mornings then drive down the coast and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoons.

Kayseri-Erciyes : This ski center lies at 2150 m on the eastern face of Erciyes Mountain, Tekir Yaylasi (plateau), 25km from Kayseri. The season is from December to March; there is a 140-bed capacity ski lodge, good courses, a ski lift and chair lift. Ski instructors and equipment are available.

Kars-Sarikamis : Situated 60 km. from Kars at 2250 m.,this ski center too has good courses and ideal snow conditions; the area is also noted for its hunting Accomodations are available in town or at the 80-bed capacity , centrally heated ski lodge, where ski lifts and ski instructors are available. The best season is from November to April.

Ankara-Elmadag : About 23 km. from Ankara, between 1500 and 1800 m, this is a lovely place to relax, get fresh air and to dine far away from the clamor and air pollution in the city. There is a 10-room (33 bed) hotel, chalets (130 beds), two ski-lifts, a pleasantly decorated a la carte restaurant, a snack bar, disco and parking. The ski season runs from December to March.

Erzurum-Palandoken : This center is 6 km from Erzurum along a good road, lying at an altitude of 2200 to 3100 m with some of the longest courses and best snow conditions in Turkey, making it an ideal location for international ski competitions. Accommodation is available at a 140 bed ski lodge,an hotel, with restaurant, and a chairlift. Ski instructors and equipment are available for hire. Also, there are a number of hotels in Erzurum. December to April is the most suitable season.

Gumushane-Zigana : This center is 30 km from Gumushane, and lies at an altitude of 1870 m above a pine-clad valley .There are ski lifts,a cair lift,ski lodge, cafeteria and a restaurant. The Sean is from December to the end of April.

Agri-Bupi : At a distance of 40 km from the city center, this ski center is situated in a lovely landscape where alpine streams intermingle with flora in the surrounding view. The ski season runs from December to March. There is a cablecar and a cafeteria.

Erzincan-Bolkar : About 40 km from Erzincan, there is a boathouse and a chair lift. The ski season runs from December to April.

Bitlis Sapgor : Located in an austere landscape, with scarce plant covering. The ski season runs from February to March.There are ski lifts and 40 ski berths.

Bingol : This ski center is 28 km from the city center, in flora-covered heathland. The skiing season runs from February through March. There are 50 berths, and ski lifts are available.

Organized International Ski Tournaments in Turkey :

International Youth Cup (Alpine Discipline), Uludag -Bursa : March
International Endurance Cup (Arctic Discipline), Uludag-Bursa : March
Palandoken Ski Cup, Palandoken - Erzurum : April
European Cup Meadow Skiing


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